Saima Saleh

Section Officer
, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Coordination
Profile / Bio: 

Saima Saleh has served in key positions in various government ministries, including the Ministry of Climate Change & Environmental Coordination and the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony. She has authored publications on topics such as Pakistan’s Urgent Need for Clean Air (2017) and has conducted a case study titled "Prospects for and Barriers to Domestic Solar Micro-generation: A Case Study of the Domestic Sector of Islamabad. 

Ms Saima has also contributed to numerous workshops and seminars including National Disaster Management Simulation Exercise, Tourism Management for Pakistan, Biotechnology opportunities and challenges and Carbon trading. She has a passion for integrating gender perspectives and addressing climate-related challenges in Pakistan. Ms Saima Saleh holds an M. Phil in Public Policy and an MA in English Literature, with a strong background in public service.


Title Date Learning Materials Topic
Pakistan Climate Change Gender Action Plan 2022 09 October 2023 Slides Climate Change, Gender Equality
Pakistan Climate Change Gender Action Plan 2022 (Russian Version) 09 October 2023 Slides Gender Equality, Climate Change