Ruth Briones

, Greenergy Solutions Inc.
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Ruth Briones is a climate engineer and sustainability regulatory legal expert. She has helped the development of a total capacity of 1400.0 MW Renewable Energy projects in the Philippines and some ASIAN countries, 1200.0 MW of which are solar energy, 100.0 MW Waste-to-energy/Biomass and Hydro Power projects. Currently, she is negotiating for PPP Waste-to-Energy projects in Indonesia and primary cities in the Philippines. In 2019 she has started the development of community-based hybrid biomass/agro-solar PV in the Philippines and Nepal. Ruth is one of the authors of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Volume VII- Public-Private Partnerships which was published in 2014. She worked with the Philippine Government for 25 years and with the Asian Development Bank as a consultant.