Ruan Swanepoel

Head of Mobile Money
Profile / Bio: 

Ruan Swanepoel is the Head of the GSMA’s Mobile Money programme, where he oversees the strategic direction of the programme, engaging with a broad range of external stakeholders. Prior to joining the GSMA, he worked in Southeast Asia for Wing Cambodia as the Chief Commercial Officer.

Ruan has qualifications from the University of Technology in Cape Town and has over 18 years experience in the telecommunications and financial services industry. Previously based in Tanzania, Ruan worked across a number of African countries on both digital and traditional financial services strategies with a core focus in developing and managing sustainable financial services. Ruan is passionate about the development of consumer products and digital innovation, having overseen many projects, involving a number of world firsts; cross border remittances on mobile wallets, interest distribution to mobile customers on their digital wallets, and enabling interoperable wallets with all mobile operators in Tanzania.