Robert Steele

Founder and Director
, Systainability Asia
Profile / Bio: 

Robert Steele is Founder and Director of Systainability Asia (, a Thailand based consultancy that works closely with national governments, NGOs, international agencies, private sector companies and education institutionsin the Asia-Pacific region to find solutions to sustainability challenges. Robert has a BSc. in geology and MSc. in natural resource management. He has worked in the Asia region for the past 20 years – 8 years with a Thai NGO (Thai Environment and Community Development Association) and 12 years as an independent consultant. Robert specializes in the fields of environmental management, integrative sustainability planning and assessment; systems thinking, participatory stakeholder engagement, and corporate sustainability and CSR. Robert is also a Senior Associate with AtKisson Group and is the leading expert on the use of the AtKisson Accelerator Toolkit, which is designed to facilitate multi-stakeholder engagement in sustainable development visioning, planning and action.