Redilyn Agub

Chief TESD Specialist, eTESDA-NITESD
, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Philippines)
Profile / Bio: 

Redilyn started her career as a Science and Math teacher. Her love of computers and its related technology allowed her to bloom into a TVET leader that continually influences TVET educators in the Philippines. Ms. Agub is the first trainer to be certified by TESDA for the Competency “Developing Learning Materials for eLearning” a course under Trainers Methodology Level II for Philippine TVET. She currently leads the development of courses and management of the TESDA Online Program, the TVET platform that offers FREE technical vocational courses in the Philippines.

She authored two (2) modules and led the training of lead trainers on Trainer’s Methodology Level 1, a course required of all TVET trainers in the Philippines. She is also a certified trainer of the module Develop Learning Materials for e-Learning, a module of Trainers Methodology Level 2.

In her previous assignment as the supervisor of the Curriculum and Training Aids Development Division (CTADD) of TESDA, she leads her team in policy making activities on Curriculum and Learning Systems. Among the projects she was involved in are the researches in Philippine Credit Transfer System (PCTS) and the Evaluation of the Diploma Level Curriculum which lead to the “Manual for the Evaluation of PQF Level 5 (Diploma) Programs” which she wrote for TESDA.


Title Date Learning Materials Topic
Digitalizing TVET in the Philippines 08 December 2020 Slides Education, ICT, Urban Development