Rachel Freeman

Panelist Chief Growth Officer
, Tyme
Profile / Bio: 

Tyme is the technology and solutions firm powering Tyme Bank, the first digital bank in South Africa with now 3 million customers. Rachel Freeman is an experienced and internationally recognized financial expert, particularly in the areas of financial inclusion and innovative financial technologies. Before joining Tyme, Ms. Freeman served as the IFC Financial Institutions Advisory Manager for Asia since 2014. In her role, she led IFC’s advisory program for existing and potential investee clients for value enhancement and development impact, to achieve IFC's goals in financial inclusion and climate change mitigation. Rachel led client solutions development and execution in SME finance, bank-fintech collaboration including the creation of the APIX Platform, MFI transformation, Banking on Women, agrifinance and climate change finance for strategic IFC clients. Since 2001, she had several senior positions at IFC in Central Asia, Africa and Asia. Prior to joining IFC, Rachel was involved in several entrepreneurial ventures in the US and Russia.