Qingxin Chu

Wanxiang Trust Research Center
Profile / Bio: 

Chu Qingxin, male, born in 1986, PhD, is a research fellow of Wanxiang Trust Company Limited, engaged in trust product design, financial industry research, and industrial investment consulting.

Since 2014, Chu has committed himself to promoting the development and integration of financial and public welfare undertakings. He is responsible for the design of the PRC’s first water trust fund, the Shanshui trust fund—Zhejiang’s small water source protection project.

He was invited to participate in the International Forum on Eco-Civilization to share practical experiences in environmental protection projects that promote the integration and development of public welfare finance, such as the Qiandao Lake Basin and Dongjiang River Basin projects. He also provided research support to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the UNDP-led Chishui River Basin Conservation Project and the ecological compensation mechanism projects.