Pei Kang

, TRIA Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Profile / Bio: 

Ng Pei Kang is the CEO of TRIA, an award-winning, close-the-loop company for packaging - offering a range of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions from products, and services to the end-to-end ecosystem.

In 2022, TRIA started a world-first pilot with KFC to close the loop for single-use packaging. This pilot demonstrates how fast-food brands like KFC can reconcile circularity with the modern-day convenience of single-use packaging.

Utilizing breakthrough technologies in material, recycling, and valorization, TRIA has developed an end-to-end system that starts from the supply of bio-based packaging to the collection back of its waste for organic recycling, turning waste into farm-ready fertilizers for crop growth. This in effect not just allows fast-food restaurants to close the loop on their single-use packaging, it opens a new chapter on regenerative food and the possibilities of a circular food system.

In his work, Pei Kang advocates how innovation is the key to driving sustainability. He believes sustainability is not a zero-sum game and that we can break the resistance to adoption through the value-adding of innovation. Pei Kang is an honouree on Eco-Business’s A-list for Sustainability Leadership and a juror for the Singapore Good Design Award for sustainable solutions.



Title Date Learning Materials Topic
Closing the Loop for Single-use Packaging 02 August 2022 Slides Economics, Environment