Paolo Veneri

Profile / Bio: 

Paolo Veneri is the Head of the Regional Analysis and Statistics Unit at the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities. His work covers several topics connected to urban and regional development, including understanding and measuring urbanisation, well-being and spatial inequalities.

He led several OECD flagship publications including “Cities in the World. A New Perspective on Urbanisation” (2020), “Regions and Cities at a Glance” editions, “Divided Cities” (2018), “The Geography of Firm Dynamics” (2017), “Making Cities Work for All” (2016), “How’s Life in Your Region?” (2014) and “Rural-Urban Partnerships: An Integrated Approach to Economic Development” (2013). He holds a PhD in Economics and he has published numerous papers in academic journals within the field of urban economics and regional studies.