Oyun Sanjaasuren

, Global Water Partnership
Profile / Bio: 

Sanjaasuren is a Member of the Parliament of Mongolia. She was elected first in 1998 and has been re-elected in the terms of 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012. She served as Minister of Foreign Affairs during 2007-2008 and Minister of Environment and Green Development during 2012-2014. During the term of 2004-2008, she respectively held the positions of Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, Leader of the Democratic Coalition Parliamentary Caucus and Chairman of Sub-Committee on Millennium Development Goals and poverty reduction. Sanjaasuren is the founder and the leader of the Civil Will Green Party of Mongolia. She also heads the Zorig Foundation. Sanjaasuren served as the first President of United Nations Environment Assembly of United Nations Environment Programme (2014-2016 term) and is joining the Global Water Partnership as its Chair from July 2016. She holds a PhD degree in Earth Sciences from Cambridge University, UK and pursued a career in mining industry before joining politics.