Morio Furuyama

Higashimatsushima City, Japan
Profile / Bio: 

Mr. Furuyama was born and grew up in Higashimatsushima. After graduating from Chuo University, Faculty of Law, he started his career as a civil servant for Yamoto Town in 1980. Since then, he held various important positions such as Manager of Planning and Policy Section following Yamoto Town’s municipal merger with Naruse Town to become Higashimatsushima City, and Director of Recovery Policy Division from August 2011, which was newly established after the Great East Japan Earthquake. He has served in his current position since October 2014. 


Title Date Learning Materials Topic
Community Development for Reconstruction in Higashimatsushima City 27 June 2017 Slides Climate Change, Disaster Risk Management, Governance and Public Sector Management, Urban Development