Mike Lu

, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines
Profile / Bio: 

Mr. Mike Lu is one of the founders of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP) in 2003. He is a business professional and leads birdwatching activities for the general public in his free time. WBCP is a nationwide club of birdwatchers interested in the wild birds of the Philippines. WBCP's activities help raise awareness about Philippine avian diversity and its preservation, while promoting birdwatching as a responsible way to enjoy nature. For 20 years, WBCP has maintained a database of bird sighting records, the only one in the country. Its members regularly volunteer during the annual Asian Waterbird Census.


Title Date Learning Materials Topic
The Philippine Bird Festival: A Showcase of Vibrant CSO-Government Collaboration 29 June 2023 Document Agriculture and Natural Resources, Climate Change, Environment