Mi-young Kim

Assistant Director at the Lowcarbon Policy Division
, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Profile / Bio: 

Mi-young Kim began her career as a government official in Jeju Province in 1990. She worked on various areas, including information technology, energy, and smart grid. She transferred to the Low-carbon Policy Division in August 2020. She is the representative for facilitating policies for carbon-free island Jeju 2030; installing green mobility infrastructure, establishing hydrogen energy economy; and accelerating the shift to renewable energy.

About Jeju Province

Jeju Province is one of the nine provinces of the Republic of Korea, south off the coast of the Korean Peninsula. The island contains lots of special geographical sites listed by UNESCO on the Biosphere Reserve (2002), World Natural Heritage (2007), and Global Geoparks of Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes (2010). The province aims to become neutral carbon by shifting to new and renewable energy and creating a new integrated model of energy and mobility.