Md. Saidur Rahman

Professor and Director
, Bangladesh Agricultural University
Profile / Bio: 

Professor Mohammad Saidur Rahman holds PhD in Agricultural Economics from the Bangladesh Agricultural University in collaboration with IRRI, Philippines and Purdue University, USA. He completed MSc on Development and Resource Economics from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. His professional interest is irrigation  management, climate change and food security. He published 73 journal articles and proceedings including referred journals like Food Policy.

He was Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics at the Bangladesh Agricultural University. He is the Vice President of Bangladesh Economic Association’s executive committee. He is also International Secretary of the Bangladesh Agricultural Economists’ Association. Currently, he is Director, Institute of Agribusiness and Development Studies at the Bangladesh Agricultural University. He is also working as the Focal Point of BAU to coordinate the ADB proposed project on Strengthening Agricultural Tertiary Education. He is the Bangladesh host country PI of the FSIL funded project, Enhancing Food and Chicken Value Chains of Bangladesh.