Maria Salvetti

Water Economist and Policy Analyst
Profile / Bio: 

Maria is a Water Economist and Policy Analyst at OECD for the Water Governance Program. Majority of her work is focused on the governance of water and sanitation services. Among her achievements, she produced a regional survey on water governance in Asia and the Pacific and several reports for different OECD programs, such as Water Security for Sustainable Development in Africa; Water Governance in Cape Town, and Water Governance in African Cities.

Prior to OECD, Maria was an expert for the World Bank, where she contributed to the Danube Water Program, water and sanitation services in Central Asia, financial sustainability of the Haiti water sector, subsidy reform in the Algerian water sector, review of the Portugal Water and Sanitation Strategy, and the Financial and Implementation Strategy for the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive in Romania. She was also a former chief economist for the French national agency for water and aquatic environment, where she produced the first report on the performance of French water services in 2012. Maria’s career also includes working with the largest water service in Europe (SEDIF), advising on public-private partnership contracts.