Lu Cai

Deputy Director
, Center for East Asia-Australasian Flyway Studies (CEAAF), Beijing Forestry University
Profile / Bio: 

Dr. Lu has been working for nature conservation for 20 years and is specialized in wetland ecology and biodiversity conservation. He is involved in various conservation and management associated initiatives at both national and international level, including the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, EAAFP, IUCN, GEO BON, and UNESCAP and NEASPEC projects. His main research interests are wetland ecosystem change and drivers, biodiversity dynamics and conservation biology, endangered migratory waterbirds and habitat, and mechanisms for transboundary cooperation in the EAAF. Key research areas cover the Yangtze River, Yellow Sea Ecoregion, Northeast Asia and now aim at extending to ASEAN region at EAAF scale. He is a member expert of the IUCN WCPA, GEO BON Freshwater BON and Asia Wetland Symposium steering committee. He actively contributes to national and international conservation policy and practice in EAAF.