Laksmi Dhewanthi

Director General of Climate Change Control
, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia
Profile / Bio: 

Laksmi Dhewanthi is a government official with more than 25 years of experience in the field of environment and sustainable development. She is currently a Senior Advisor to the Minister on Industry and International Trade, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia. Prior to her current position, she served in a number of different capacities, including as Director of Hazardous Waste Management Performance Evaluation, Assistant Deputy Minister for Environmental Data and Information, as well as Assistant Deputy for Environmental Economics, where she was responsible for developing the State of the Environment Report (SOER) and Environmental Quality Index, Environmental Data and Information System, and the implementation of various economic instruments for environmental protection and management. She received a Masters's degree in Environment and Development Policy at Sussex University, UK. In the international fora, since 2003, she has been involving in environmental-related trade and climate change negotiation as well as in sustainable development-related talks.


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Ministry of Environment and Forestry 22 July 2021 Slides Climate Change, Energy, Environment