Jonas Svegaarden

, Katapult Ocean
Profile / Bio: 

Jonas is the CEO of Katapult Ocean – the most active ocean impact venture funds globally. The fund invests in ocean impact companies such as offshore wind and solar, seaweed and seafood, alternative proteins, ocean health and maritime transportation. Katapult Ocean is based in Norway but invests in and accelerates impactful ocean startups from all over the world. He has fifteen years of experience from banking and global asset management. He joined Katapult after co-founding the successful sustainable investing hedge fund, CARN Capital, proving that profit and purpose can go hand in hand. The hedge fund is recognized as the best performing Nordic hedge fund and the only eco-labeled hedge fund in Norway. Jonas has also nine years of experience from Svenska Handelsbanken Capital Markets where he was responsible for the securities area. Jonas holds various board seats and is active in the global impact investment community.