Jekuk Chang

Vice President
, Dongseo University
Profile / Bio: 

Prof. Dr. Jekuk Chang has been President of Korea’s Dongseo University since 2013. This University maintains close ties with Lithuania and actively cooperates with Mykolas Romeris University. The two universities have implemented a joint Bachelor’s Degree studies programme and also have established the first King Sejong Institute in the Baltic countries, where it is possible to study Korean and to become more closely acquainted with Korea’s culture and traditions. Aside from academics and research activities, he actively participates in South Korea’s Foreign Affairs and Commerce Ministries research activities and consults on issues related to Japan.

In 2010, Prof. Chang was recognized by the Japan-Korean Cultural Fund and in 2012 by China’s Confucius Institute with awards. “Institutions of higher education have a huge potential to influence our society. However, they have to have the ability to change and be motivated. Today, when we have so many long-distance workshops and various career platforms, universities that are not able to offer the younger generation new ideas will shrink or become extinct,” said Prof. Chang, who was awarded an honorary MRU Degree in 2013. Dongseo’s President agreed to share some of his thoughts on the mission of higher education and the meaning of choosing a profession.