Ingo Walterscheid

Co-Founder and Chairman
, Global Material and Asset Fund
Profile / Bio: 

Over more than 30 years Ingo Walterscheid gained experience from establishing, developing, and leading 30 companies as owner, co-owner, CEO, and in other leading positions. 

With his sense of innovation and investment Ingo Walterscheid has contributed to innovation on a cross-sector level within different industries like the Internet, telecommunication, construction, healthcare, food, agriculture, plastics, renewable energy, and consulting services. 

He founded EcoFITT in 2013 and co-founded Global Material & Asset Fond in 2019, supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) using the Cradle-to-Cradle principles and Circular Economy models. His vision is to digitalize all materials to minimize the environmental footprint and establish material as a common good accessible for everyone.