Hilly Ann Roa-Quiaoit

Executive Director
, Macajalar Bay Development Alliance, Philippines
Profile / Bio: 

HillyAnn is an ecosystems-based approach management practitioner, an environmental advocate, and a university professor. She is doing research and development work on an ecosystems-based approach to restoration and disaster risk reduction, a multi-sectoral approach to environmental governance, integrated landscape seascape management, and landscape investment finance. Dr. Quiaoit is a marine biologist by training and founded the Macajalar Bay Development Alliance of 14 Local Government Units for baywide integrated coastal management. And, created the R3 (ridge-river-reef) Program connecting the seascape with the landscape in Mindanao, Southern Philippines. She is the first Executive Director of the CDO River Basin Management Council. Presently, concurrent ED of both management bodies. Hilly has a bachelor’s in marine biology from Xavier University, a master’s in marine science at the University of the Philippines, and a Doctorate in Natural Science at the University of Bremen, Germany.