Gary Asperas

Technical Director
, GOPA Worldwide Consultants
Profile / Bio: 

Mr. Asperas holds a Master of Science in International Health and is Technical Director at the Health and Social Development Department of GOPA Worldwide Consultants. He is currently managing the pre-feasibility study of the Health Borders Project of the ADB to design hospital improvements for selected border areas in Cambodia and Laos. He was involved in studies and assignments in Vietnam, Lao PDR, Yemen, Malawi, the Philippines, the Caribbean, and Kenya on health insurance schemes, costing of MCH services and health financing strategies and serves as technical advisor for health policy, health sector reform, and health financing issues within GOPA.

Before joining GOPA he worked as project manager and technical developer to a German-funded rural-based health insurance program where he was engaged in local health system development and synergizing local and national insurance schemes in the Philippines. Mr. Asperas has broad experience in social health insurance, community health development, and especially health systems management, from macro to micro levels.


Title Date Learning Materials Topic
Case Study by a German Company: GOPA Worldwide Consultant 24 November 2021 Slides ADB Administration and Governance, Finance