Gajanana Hegde

Team Leader, Regulatory Development (Energy)
, UNFCCC Secretariat
Profile / Bio: 

Gajanana Hegde leads the regulatory development (energy) team to develop standards to measure the outcomes of climate actions within the sustainable development mechanism (SDM) program of the UNFCCC Secretariat in Bonn. He has over two decades of professional experience in climate change, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and waste management. He has contributed to the development of over one hundred methodologies applied in several thousand projects and programs hosted in over one hundred countries under the Clean Development Mechanism. This includes clean cooking, efficient lighting and safe drinking applications in households for health and climate benefits. He is also contributing to the development of an ISO standard (ISO 14097) in the area of climate action by financiers and is engaged in the work of the International Financial Institutions Technical Working group on harmonization of GHG standards. He has also served on the working group of Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) to develop Sustainable Development Guidance. He has supported climate change negotiations in the context of the Paris agreement such as cooperative approaches under Article 6, adaptation fund, climate finance, and capacity building. He has served as a trainer under the readiness activities for Green Climate Fund(GCF) to deliver modules on Policies, Processes, and Procedures of GCF. His areas of interest include digital technologies (e.g. IoT, blockchain) applications for climate action and he is involved in the work of climate chain coalition. He holds a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in renewable energy applications.