Fabien Quetier

Profile / Bio: 

Fabien Quétier is a senior consultant at Biotope, a consulting firm specialized in biodiversity and ecosystem services. He is an agronomist by training, and obtained a PhD in ecology for his research on the vulnerability of ecosystem services to land-use change in the traditional agricultural landscapes of Europe. He focused on a case study in mountain grassland landscapes. He then went on to work on the same issue on the agricultural frontier of Argentina and Bolivia. He now has over 10 years of experience in interfacing ecological knowledge and methods with socioeconomic issues in support of decisions concerning natural resource and land-use management and policy.

At Biotope, he advises clients on the mitigation and offsetting of development impacts on biodiversity for energy projects (hydro, wind), infrastructure projects (road and rail, airports, residential and commercial construction), mining, and industrial facilities.

He has worked extensively in Europe and across the tropics (Central and West Africa, PRC, Madagascar, South America, New Caledonia, etc.), where he has designed and led the preparation of successful biodiversity studies (including Critical Habitat and High Conservation Value assessments), biodiversity action plans, and mitigation and offset management plans and a recognized practitioner of international best practice in this field (including IFC PS6, the BBOP Standard and EU Directives). With this background, he regularly advises companies, NGOs and governments on their biodiversity policies (including IUCN, OECD, the European Commission, the governments of France and its dependencies, and of several African countries).