David Warburton

, University of Southern California
Profile / Bio: 

Professor David Warburton is an esteemed physician and researcher who directs the Developmental Biology, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapeutics program and the Center for Environmental Impact on Global Health Across the Lifespan at the Saban Research Institute, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Prof Warburton is a global leader in maternal and child health, particularly on the role of early-life lung development in both genetic and acquired lung diseases, and he has an extensive academic publishing record in neonatal-perinatal medicine, developmental biology, and regenerative medicine. Prof Warburton has studied child and maternal health in Mongolia for more than 15 years, focusing on the impacts of air pollution, and he founded the Department of Environmental Health at the National Mongolian University of the Medical Sciences. He holds an MD-equivalent from St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School, now part of King’s College at the University of London. He is also a tenured professor at the University of Southern California. See the following link for more information on Prof  Warburton’s research history.