Bruce Taper

CEO and Founder
, Kinesis
Profile / Bio: 

Bruce is a former Director of Sustainability and Metropolitan Planning for the NSW Government. Now as founder and a Director of Kinesis, a sustainability and data-driven urban advisory and technology firm, they are establishing relationships with cities and urban service providers globally. Their reason for existence is to give decision-makers the tools and information they need to make better cities.

Bruce’s track record of original thought and innovation over the past two decades has created a substantial legacy within the sustainability sector in Australia. His expertise lies in developing mechanisms to manage sustainability issues for both public and private sector entities and providing specialist advice firmly grounded in his experience of policy development and implementation.

Recognized nationally for his work on climate-related issues, Bruce is renowned for the magnitude of analysis he applies to all projects and his capacity to utilize emerging technologies to deliver smart, equitable, and enabling solutions.

Kinesis was established in 2007 by Bruce to make a difference in addressing the climate problem. Kinesis prides itself on its capacity to deliver scientific and analytically sound solutions combined with strategic and pragmatic advice in this increasingly complex and evolving space. Bruce leads a crack team of specialists committed to providing clients with the intellectual property to make a meaningful and measurable contribution to emissions reduction.


布鲁斯曾是新南威尔士政府是可持续发展与都市圈规划项目的总监。他现在作为一个关注可持续发展和数据驱动领域的城市咨 询和技术公司——Kinesis的创始人和总监,他们正在致力于与全球的城市服务提供商建立关系。他们的目标是给决策者提供 工具和信息,以实现更好的城市化。

Брюс является бывшим директором по устойчивости и городскому планированию Нового Южного Уэльса. В настоящее время он является генеральным директором и основателем Kinesis – компании, которая занимается консультациями и технологиями в сфере устойчивого и информатизированного городского развития. Они устанавливают отношения с городами и поставщиками городских услуг по всему миру. Их главная цель – дать лицам, ответственным за принятие решений, необходимые инструменты и информацию, чтобы сделать города лучше.



Title Date Learning Materials Topic
Enabling Data for Cities 05 December 2018 Slides Climate Change, Energy, Environment, Urban Development