Bilal Habib

Scientist-E & Head of Animal Ecology & Conservation Biology
, Wildlife Institute of India
Profile / Bio: 

Dr. Bilal Habib is a conservation biologist interested in the integration of quantitative and interdisciplinary approaches to conservation challenges. With the interest in nature conservation, human-wildlife interactions, larger carnivore conservation, and other megafauna in human-dominated landscapes. He has been involved in field research since 2001. His doctoral research was on the ecology of the Indian wolf in the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, Maharashtra, India. Before joining the Wildlife Institute of India, he worked as Wildlife Survey Program Manager for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Afghanistan Biodiversity Project and was involved in the design and coordination of wildlife surveys in the Wakhan Corridor (Pamirs), capacity building in the environment sector and development of the Red List. His research species and system range from Wolves in semi-arid and trans-Himalayan landscapes, Leopards from the Himalayas to Central India, Dholes from low density to high-density areas, Marco polo sheep, and Snow Leopard in the Afghan Pamirs to understanding movement of large carnivores in a human-dominated landscape in response to Anthropocene. Research interest includes integrating science-based solutions to developmental activities especially linear infrastructure. He continuously aims to generate scientific knowledge, even integrating innovative perspectives and technologies, to inform managers, policy-makers, interested stakeholders, and the general public, for effective conservation and management of nature.