Benjamin Lord

Water Resources Engineer
, RTI International
Profile / Bio: 

Mr. Benjamin Lord, PE, is a water resources engineer at RTI International with expertise in hydrologic modeling to empower decision-makers around the globe. He has assisted in training over 300 stakeholders in Asia and South America to apply RTI International’s free Hydrologic Resources Assessment Model to solve their own water challenges. Mr. Lord’s experience includes quantifying tradeoffs in the food-energy-water nexus, estimating impacts from climate change on water resources, evaluating alternate land management practices, building water permitting systems and developing sea level rise adaptation plans. He has worked with stakeholder and donor agencies, including USAID, IDB, and UNDP.


Title Date Learning Materials Topic
Hydro-Economic Modeling to Address Trade-offs between Food Production and Biofuels 18 June 2019 Slides Energy, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Water