Bayarma Enkhtur

NSDI Consultant
Profile / Bio: 

Bayarmaa Enkhtur pursued her bachelor degree in Geodesy, Mongolia in 2008 and master degree in Geoinformatics in ITC, Netherlands in 2013. Since 2013, She’s been worked in the national mapping agency, Agency for land administration and management, geodesy and cartography (ALAMGC), Mongolia, in charge of NSDI related projects for strengthening national geospatial information management and developing Mongolian NSDI until mid of 2021.

She’s been engaged in geospatial projects namely, United Nations’ “Strengthening Geospatial Information Management in Developing Countries towards Implementing SDG 2030”, and WB Technical Assistance for “National Spatial Data Infrastructure for Mongolia: Socio Economic Impact Analysis”.

Under the guidance of Integrated Geospatial Information Framework, her experience focused on development of national geoportal to disseminate fundamental geospatial data, adopting international geospatial standards, such as data quality and data specifications, and creating legal framework by formulating NSDI law and geospatial information license policy. Now she’s currently working as an NSDI consultant.