Bansari Saha

Senior Director
Profile / Bio: 

Dr. Bansari Saha, a Senior Director at ICF, is an economist by training and supports public and private sector clients understand the economic effects of public policy decision-making. His expertise lies in the intersection of energy and environmental issues and studying the economic and distributional impacts of policies that attempt to find an optimal balance between the two. Dr. Saha has worked extensively on international economic development issues, particularly for developing countries in South and Southeast Asia. He is an expert on analyzing the economic implications of clean energy-based economic development and has been studying various regulatory approaches, including market-based programs, to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy clean energy resources in various countries around the globe. His expertise in market-based energy policies has helped clients in the U.S., the EU and countries in Asia, understand the efficiencies of those policies over traditional command-and-control type policies, both in terms of societal costs and benefits as well as distributional and competitiveness impacts. Dr. Saha holds a Ph.D. in Economics and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.