Balabhaskara Reddy Bathula

Advisor and Head
Profile / Bio: 

Mr. Balabhaskara Reddy Bathula is currently the Advisor and Head, Portfolio, Results, and Quality Control Unit of Pacific Department in ADB. He has over 27 years of professional experience in the infrastructure development from concept to commissioning, capacity development programs, project/asset management and portfolio management. Mr. Reddy Bathula manages and monitors multi-sector portfolio, results, and quality of operations in the Pacific region and advises on the improvement of overall operations management for results.

Prior to joining ADB, Mr. Reddy Bathula was an international consultant at various capacities and roles in Highway and transportation infrastructure development and management in UK, India, Jamaica, UAE. He started his career with ADB in 2007 and worked in Central and West Asia, South Asia departments, and now in the Pacific department.

Mr. Reddy Bathula is a national of India, and holds Doctorate in Civil engineering, Master’s in Transportation engineering, and bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering. He is also a Chartered Civil Engineer (UK).