Atsushi Najima

President and Managing Director
, Nissan Philippines
Profile / Bio: 

Atsushi Najima is the president and managing director of Nissan Philippines, one of the fastest growing automotive brands in the country. Prior to his present role, he joined Nissan as deputy general manager of Nissan’s regional financial management group in Japan. Atsushi currently develops business strategies to maximize and maintain Nissan’s outstanding performance in the country. With more than two decades of rich experience in managing teams across multiple companies in Asia, he is also tasked to expand the availability of the Nissan brand, as well as manage product introductions in the Philippines. One such product introduction is the brand’s fully electric vehicle - Nissan LEAF, which will be available to the country in 2020. This puts Atsushi at the helm in promoting electrification for Nissan in the Philippines, with the world’s best-selling electric vehicle at center stage.