Arnaud Heckmann

Head of Portfolio Management Unit
Profile / Bio: 

Mr. Arnaud Heckmann is the Head of Portfolio Management Unit at ADB’s Nepal Resident Mission. He was formerly the Principal Urban Development Specialist at ADB’s East Asia Urban and Social Sectors Division. He has extensive experience in designing, processing, and administering integrated economic and urban development projects and technical assistance that promote transformative approaches, inclusive and green livable cities, climate change adaptation and mitigation, environmental sustainability, and green urban-rural development. Before joining ADB, he worked with various international organizations as a project team leader on urban and regional development planning and infrastructure investments.  

​​​​​​​Arnaud holds a master’s degree in comparative development research from EHESS (Paris School of High Study in Social Science), a master’s degree in human geography from Toulouse University, and a diploma in Chinese language and culture from Paris University.  


Title Date Learning Materials Topic
Ulaanbaatar Green Affordable Housing and Resilient Urban Renewal Sector Project 20 September 2022 Slides Climate Change, Disaster Risk Management, Environment
ADB Safeguards – Project Experience Sharing 20 May 2022 Slides ADB Administration and Governance, Urban Development, Social Development and Protection
Scene Setting: Green Buildings and Eco-Districts Financing and Implementation Mechanisms 20 June 2019 Slides Energy, Urban Development, Private Sector
Ulaanbaatar Ger Area Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Community Enhancement Project PFS 08 March 2017 Slides Urban Development
Public Management and Finance (East Asia) 12 March 2014 Slides Finance, Governance and Public Sector Management
Water and Municipal Infrastructure (East Asia) 12 March 2014 Slides Urban Development, Water
Integrated Urban Planning Approach by ADB's East Asia Department 12 December 2013 Slides Urban Development