Antonio Separovic

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder
, Oradian
Profile / Bio: 

Antonio is a financial technology expert with more than 20 years of experience in technology and online businesses, including ten years in the microfinance sector. He specializes in using disruptive technology to drive financial inclusion in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Antonio also served as a senior adviser to InfoSec Global and Ruder Innovations and advised multiple IT organizations.

In 2012, Antonio co-founded Oradian, a fintech company that provides a cloud-based core banking software designed especially for the microfinance industry. Using a SaaS model (Software-as-a-Service), Oradian makes cloud technology accessible to any type of microfinance institutions so they can grow and increase financial inclusion in their regions.

Before co-founding Oradian in 2012, I served as the Global Marketing and Sales Director for Mambu and Fern Software. Over the past 15 years in the financial inclusion and fintech industry, I have implemented core banking systems for financial institutions across Asia, Latin America, and Africa.