Annette Chooi

Taxation Administration Expert
Profile / Bio: 

Ms. Annette Chooi has over 30 years’ experience in tax administration, working for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), she held positions in the senior executive service, performing a range of roles, including heading up the ATO’s Large Business and International compliance operations. Other roles included leading several major policy reforms, including the introduction of a new tax system for small business, a range of reforms to improve domestic tax policy and administration, and the implementation of tighter regulation for large businesses with international operations. Outside of the ATO, she has held several senior appointments on the boards of both not-for-profit and unlisted companies, primarily in the financial services sector. Annette currently runs a consulting firm providing professional services in areas including corporate governance and revenue administration. She has worked extensively with over 30 developing countries in Asia and Africa on matters relating to strengthening tax administration and compliance risk management.