Akanksha Bapna

Senior Research Fellow
, EdTech Hub
Profile / Bio: 

Dr. Akanksha Bapna has worked extensively on K-12 Education, bridging the gap between practice, policy and research. Akanksha has extensive analytical and quantitative experience in experimental design, both in the field of science as well as in the social sciences. For close to a decade, she has integrated qualitative, quantitative and mixed method approaches in her work, researching and measuring the impact of education interventions across India, Nepal, Tanzania, USA, Colombia, Italy and the Netherlands. Her expertise has been applied to research designs and evaluations for the work of organizations such as Google, the Pearson Group, the British Council, as well as the LEGO Foundation. In addition to directing impact evaluations, Akanksha has also been advising on a strategy for high-quality data collection and evaluations in order to build a culture of data and evaluation at the policy level for state governments in India.

Akanksha holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, and a Masters' degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University.