Ahmed Umair

Chief Executive Officer
, Vital Agri Nutrients Ltd, Pakistan
Profile / Bio: 

Umair is the CEO of Vital Agri Nutrients (VAN) which manufactures agri inputs and Vital Green pvt ltd (VG) which is an agri services company.

VAN is a leading producer of Value-added fertilizers / Slow-release fertilizers, Micronutrients, Soil amendments, Bio Fertilizers in Pakistan.

VG has pioneered the concept of Company operated branded outlets which serve more than 12,000 farmers across Pakistan. At these outlets farmers are provided with access to agri inputs, access to market, access to finance and advisory. Currently, he is working on value chain development of several major crops, extension services, bringing efficiency to agri input channels, farm management services, financial inclusion and developing digital platform to make agriculture productive and sustainable.

Umair has done bachelors in Chemical engineering and a second bachelors in political science and economics. He also done MBA from Lahore university of management science (LUMS).

He is also currently engaged with UNDP as Senior Specialist in the MAGP (Merged areas governance project). In the past, he has worked with ADB on the Punjab agri markets development project and with IFC on CPSD, Agro processing deep dive. He has also advised Agriculture Department, Government of Punjab on agriculture policy, drafting of agriculture related regulations and institutional development.