Quick Reference Guide

Creating a page for your event

Prep your materials:

  1. Make sure you have all event details with you - program, list of participants, brochures, links, etc.
  2. Have several event- and material-related photos on hand. You can download photos from the ADB Photo Library or ADB Flickr account.
  3. Prepare the pdf version of your learning material – make sure it has the right disclaimer and metadata.

Step 1: Log in to http://k-learn.adb.org/user

Step 2: Enter your username & password.

Step 3: Click Add Learning Event on the Welcome to k-Learn landing page.

Step 4: Complete all the fields and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: You can populate the PROGRAM by

  1. Entering the presentation details in the corresponding fields; or
  2. Creating the materials pages and linking them to the learning event page.


  • k-Learn is best viewed in Google Chrome.
  • Read the TOOL TIPS to guide you in crafting a more user-friendly and searchable content.
  • In the TOPIC field, three answers are ideal but you can choose up to five.
  • In the GROUP COORDINATOR field, if the name is not yet included in the database, just add the new name by clicking on .  It will open the CREATE CONTACT page. Saving your inputs will close this window, leading you back to the “Create Learning Event” page.
  • Enter the URL of related websites of your Learning Event, such as those in adb.org, if available, in the RELATED WEBSITE field.
  • You can upload your own event photos in the IMAGE field or you can choose a related photo from the ADB Photo Library or ADB Flickr account.
  • Do not create a separate material page for event-related materials, e.g. brochures, flyers, posters. Upload them in the OTHER EVENTS INFORMATION field.