Other Departments

Provides intellectual input for policy makers in ADB’s developing member countries.

Is responsible for the direction of the general operations of ADB.

Provides advice and services in budget, staff position management, human resources, staff development, benefits, and compensation.

Provides leadership, resources, and strategies for communicating with internal and external audiences.

Undertakes policy research to foster economic and social development.

Independently and systematically evaluates ADB policies, strategies, operations, and special concerns that relate to organizational and operational effectiveness

Serves as the focal point for interaction between ADB and its constituencies in Japan. 

Is the designated focal point of contact for allegations of fraud or corruption pertaining to ADB-financed activities or staff members.

Acts as ADB's focal point for planning, promoting, and arranging cofinancing for ADB projects.

Manages ADB's automated information systems and telecommunications services.

Coordinates and supports ADB-wide public-private operations and provides transaction advisory services to developing member countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Undertakes financial, administrative, and information systems audits and provides assistance to external auditors.

Handles all legal aspects of operations and activities, including providing legal advice.

Provides direct assistance to private sector projects with clear development impact.

Responsible for planning, monitoring, and coordinating of project processing and administration work programs, financial management policies and procedures, procurement reviews and consultant recruitment.

Provides ADB with a strategic planning perspective and direction, ensures policy and operations coordination, and maintains institutional relations with the international development community, especially on matters relating to resource mobilization.

Provides leadership, innovations, and knowledge sharing for ADB’s sector and thematic work.