Water Sector Group

Ensures quality of projects on water supply, sanitation, and water resources management, supports pilot activities and knowledge sharing events, and enhances water partnerships toward the provision of water for all in Asia.

Offers courses related to the operations of water supply and sanitation utilities and water resources management, including irrigation and wastewater management.

Contact: Water Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
Rainwater Harvesting: Where Value and Cost Collide 20 Aug 2019
A Blueprint to Strengthen the Resilience of Our World's Rivers 12 Aug 2019
Innovative Carbon Capture through Fecal Sludge Management in the PRC 08 Jul 2019
Condominial Water and Wastewater Systems: Examining the Elements and Successful Examples of the Estero de Paco Pilot Project 21 Jun 2019
Demonstrating Water-Food-Energy Nexus through Water Conservation Beijing Capital Region, PRC 20 Jun 2019
Youth Engagement Models for Water Supply and Sanitation Projects: Lessons from Dushanbe 18 Jun 2019
Applying Circular Economy in Water Supply and Wastewater Management 31 May 2019
Innovative Landslide Warning System Based on Hybrid Rainfall Monitoring 24 Apr 2019
Integrated Flood Risk Management 19 Mar 2019
Nonrevenue Water Management and 24/7 Water Supply in Cities — How ADB Helps the Government 14 Mar 2019
Roads as Instruments for Water Management and Climate Resilience 28 Jan 2019
Designing and Implementing India’s First City-wide Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System 18 Jan 2019
Chemical-Free Surface Water Treatment 11 Jan 2019
X-band Rainfall Radars 19 Dec 2018
Defining Operations and Maintenance under Design-Build-Operate Contracts as Applied to ADB Infrastructure Projects 11 Dec 2018