Water Sector Group

Ensures quality of projects on water supply, sanitation, and water resources management, supports pilot activities and knowledge sharing events, and enhances water partnerships toward the provision of water for all in Asia.

Offers courses related to the operations of water supply and sanitation utilities and water resources management, including irrigation and wastewater management.

Contact: Water Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
Circular Economy for Water Security 16 Mar 2021
Catalyzing Innovations and Digitization for Safe, Sustainable, Resilient, and Inclusive Water Management: Launch of e-Marketplace and Publications 15 - 19 Mar 2021
Sustainable Asset Management System for Irrigation 02 Mar 2021
WEF Nexus, Water Productivity, and Water Accounting 16 Feb 2021
ADB Water and IWMI Webinar Series: Science and Innovation for a Water-Secure Future for All 02 Feb 2021 - 16 Mar 2021
Centrality of Water in Climate Resilience 02 Feb 2021
Improved Decision-Making for Water Security Using Water Accounting 19 Nov 2020
Expanding Support to Water Accounting in River Basins and Water Productivity Measurement in Irrigation Projects 18 - 19 Nov 2020
Increasing Agricultural Production Using Water Productivity 18 Nov 2020
ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Webinar Series Part 4: Intelligent Water Management Systems Using IOT and AI 03 Nov 2020
The Future of Hydrological Forecasting 06 Oct 2020
Understanding Hygiene Behavior and Hygiene Behavior Change 01 Oct 2020
Yellow River – A Hydrological Basin Approach 22 Sep 2020
Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways and Climate Adaptation 08 Sep 2020
Achieving Water Security and Resilience in Asia Pacific: AWDO 2020 26 Aug 2020