Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department

Provides leadership, innovations, and knowledge sharing for ADB’s sector and thematic work.

Title Date Focal Person
Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic for Food Security in Asia and the Pacific 26 Aug 2021
9th International Skills Forum: Reimagining Education and Skills Development for a New Normal 23 - 27 Aug 2021
Asia and the Pacific Youth Symposium 2021 12 - 27 Aug 2021
Shaping a Better Employment Landscape for People with Disabilities in Asia-Pacific 11 Aug 2021
Rikolto: Sustainable Production, Inclusive and Enabling Environments Towards Food System Transformation and Resilience 03 Aug 2021
Intern Presentation: Microfinance under the New Normal 16 Jul 2021
Publication Launch: Cloud Computing as a Key Enabler for Digital Government across Asia and the Pacific 05 Jul 2021
Towards Safe Food, Nutritious Diets, and Resilient Food Systems 28 Jun 2021
Using Past Experiences to Guide Future Development in SIDs and FCAS 22 Jun 2021
IDAHOTB 2021: The Face of LGBTQI Exclusion in the COVID-19 Pandemic 14 May 2021
Better Data for Better Decisions 12 - 14 May 2021
Meaningful  Youth  Engagement  for Inclusive  Recovery 05 May 2021
Reviewing ADB’s Energy Policy to Meet the Paris Goal of 1.5 Degrees Celsius 05 May 2021
Civil Society Reflections on ADB’s COVID-19 Operations 04 May 2021
Advancing the Progress toward Achieving the SDGs Post-COVID-19 04 May 2021