Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department

Provides leadership, innovations, and knowledge sharing for ADB’s sector and thematic work.

Title Date Focal Person
Rural Prosperity with Carbon Neutrality and Food Security 24 Mar 2021
Financing Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems in Asia and the Pacific 16 Mar 2021
ADB Sustainable Food Webinar Series 16 Mar 2021
Catalyzing Innovations and Digitization for Safe, Sustainable, Resilient, and Inclusive Water Management: Launch of e-Marketplace and Publications 15 - 19 Mar 2021
Five Reasons to Reopen School Now: Scientific Evidence on the Effects of School Closures 08 Mar 2021
Workshop in Scaling Up ADB's Support for Air Quality Management 23 - 24 Nov 2020
Designing and Implementing Adaptive Social Protection Systems 04 Nov 2020 - 03 Dec 2020
Virtual Seminar on Technology Innovation Challenge 29 Oct 2020
Managing and Monitoring Air Quality in Ortigas 27 Oct 2020
Co-Benefits of Addressing Climate Change and Air Pollution 12 Oct 2020
Success Stories and Lessons Learned from Cities with Improved Air Quality 29 Sep 2020
Advances in Closing the ICT Connectivity Gap in Asia and the Pacific: Better Analysis, Understanding, and Solutions 23 Sep 2020
How Can We Sustain the Clean Air Post COVID-19? 17 Sep 2020
International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies 2020: Clean Air for a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous Society 07 Sep 2020
Clean Air for Livable Cities Knowledge Series: September – November 2020 07 Sep 2020 - 24 Nov 2020