Health Sector Group

Improves knowledge management in the health sector by creating a strong community of health planners and practitioners, stimulating and facilitating relevant knowledge products, and monitoring sector-related issues and performance.

Offers courses on health and hygiene related issues, including community health planning and development.

Contact: Health Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
SECURE Webinar 7: The Health Communication Momentum: How do we accelerate? 31 Mar 2023
SECURE Webinar 6: Climate Change and Post-COVID-19 Health Security 03 Feb 2023
Child and Adolescent Nutrition in Indonesia’s Provinces: Findings and Implications 14 Dec 2022
SECURE Webinar 5: Strengthening Health System Resilience against Climate Change in Indonesia 09 Dec 2022
SECURE Webinar 3: COVID-19 Vaccination Programs and Climate Change 28 Jun 2022
SECURE Webinar 2: Making Women’s Challenges and Roles in the COVID-19 Vaccination Programs Visible 31 Mar 2022
Digital Health Credentials in Building Trust at Population Scale -COVID-19 and Beyond 30 Mar 2022
Training on Successful Implementation of a Digital Financial Services for Health Project: Practical Considerations 01 Mar 2022
SECURE Webinar 1: Vaccination Days in Southeast Asia 22 Feb 2022
ADB's SECURE Webinar Series 22 Feb 2022 - 04 Apr 2023
Delivery of COVID-19 Booster and Paediatric Vaccines: Lessons from Malaysia, the Philippines and the United Kingdom 18 Feb 2022
CIE-ADB Knowledge Sharing Seminar: Strengthening Clinical Care and Community Services to Fight COVID-19 17 Sep 2021
UK-ADB Learning Exchange on Health: Vaccine Planning and Delivery Systems 27 Jul 2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Safety: From Bench to Bedside 21 May 2021
The Global Forum on Childhood Pneumonia One Year Later 27 Apr 2021