Governance Thematic Group

Promotes attention to governance and public sector management issues in ADB operations, and is an important institutional platform for knowledge sharing, cross-departmental coordination, peer review, learning, and links to external networks and partners.

Offers courses related to good governance and public sector management toward development effectiveness.

Contact: Governance Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
"What Elephant?" Framing Governance Reforms in Real-World Conditions 03 Aug 2017
1st Asia-Pacific Housing Conference: Making Housing Affordable, Inclusive, and Resilient 08 - 09 Nov 2022
2016 Mobilizing Multi-Stakeholder Action for Reform 24 - 27 Oct 2016
2017 World Development Report: Understanding Governance Preview 16 Sep 2016
2021 ADB Governance Forum: Governance Pathways Toward Building A Post-Pandemic Resilient Economy 25 - 26 Oct 2021
ADB-ADBI Forum on Governance and Institutions: Issues in State-Owned Enterprise Reforms and Corporate Governance 11 - 13 Jun 2018
ADB-ADBI Forum on Governance and Institutions: Practical Lessons on Governance and Service Delivery for Subnational Governments 09 - 11 Aug 2017
An Introduction to Corporate Sustainability Reporting for Development 10 Mar 2016
Apples and Oranges? A Normative Perspective on Governance in International Comparison 04 Dec 2018
Applying Big Data to Public Service Delivery 23 Jul 2018
Being Future Fit: Innovation & the Development "Mutants" 05 Aug 2016
Can Corruption be Tackled? Making the Case for Good Governance 11 Feb 2016
City Finances in Asia and the Pacific: Issues and Reform Options 28 May 2018
Comparative Analysis of Tax Administration in Asia and the Pacific 25 Oct 2018
Corporate Governance: Challenges and Opportunities in Asia 20 - 21 Nov 2017