Gender Equality Thematic Group

Promotes and advocates increased attention to gender issues in ADB projects and forges links with development partners on gender-related issues to accelerate the integration of gender equity and women’s empowerment in ADB operations.

Offers courses on cross-sectoral approaches to mainstreaming and addressing gender issues in development projects.

Contact: Laarni Zapanta-Tuazon, Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
Malala Fund Webinar on Girls’ Education and Climate Change 30 Mar 2021
The Business Case for Gender Equality at Work 20 May 2021
World Oceans Day Webinar, 2021: Gender and Resilience in Coastal Communities 08 Jun 2021
ADB-ITF: Consultations on Gender Equality in the Transport Sector 17 Jun 2021
Gender Sensitive WASH: Opportunities for Girls’ Education 21 Jun 2021
Intern Presentation - Gender Review of DMC Energy Policies 04 Aug 2021
Sector Training on Gender Mainstreaming: Transforming Women's Lives Through Infrastructure 04 - 07 Oct 2021
2021 ADB Asia and the Pacific Virtual Gender Forum l The Power to Transform: Gender Equality in Asia and the Pacific 22 - 25 Nov 2021
Gender Month 2022: Women Leading Towards An Equal, Greener and More Resilient Future 01 - 31 Mar 2022
First Women in Energy Summit Central and West Asia Equal by 2030 -Time for Change 03 Mar 2022
How Female-Friendly Are Workplaces in Urban Pakistan? 04 Mar 2022
2022 International Women’s Day Celebration: Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow 08 Mar 2022
Investing in Women: Advancing the Transformative Gender Agenda in Central and West Asia in a Post-COVID-19 Environment 09 - 10 Mar 2022
Joint Gender, Climate, Environment Session Highlights Women’s Leadership in Tackling Climate Change 11 Mar 2022
Insight Thursday: Delivering Gender Equality Results: Drawing on Practices and Experiences of Project Teams 24 Mar 2022