Finance Sector Group

Drives the development of Asia’s general financial market, small and medium enterprise, and payment system, while promoting regional economic and financial integration.

Offers courses related to development finance, including the development of small and medium enterprises and micro-finance.

Contact: Finance Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
International Insurance Seminar: In Pursuit of a More Resilient and Inclusive Insurance Sector 21 - 22 Oct 2013
Financial Inclusion in the Digital Economy 24 - 25 May 2016
Workshop on Building Catastrophe Risk Protection Markets for Low-Income Households in India 02 - 03 Jun 2016
Financial Executives National Conference 07 Oct 2016
FinTech, RegTech, and the Reconceptualization of Financial Regulation 24 Feb 2017
Workshop on Blockchain Technology and Distributed Ledger 28 Apr 2017
Regional Workshop for Asian Insurance Supervisors 28 - 30 Aug 2017
High Level Roundtable of Insurance Supervisors: Fostering Sustainable Development through Proportionate Insurance Regulations 05 - 06 Sep 2017
Digital Money Issues and Policy Actions in Asia 07 Sep 2017
Workshop on FinTech Regulations and RegTech 06 Nov 2017
Level One Project Boot Camp 06 - 07 Nov 2017
2nd Asia Finance Forum: FinTech and Sustainable Development 08 - 10 Nov 2017
Blockchain Technology and its Potential in Global Development 05 Mar 2018
New Approach for Farmers' Poverty Reduction Weather Index Insurance Using Satellite-Based Information 16 Mar 2018
Cyber Security and Safety – Enabling the Digital Environment for Sustainable Development 11 May 2018