Environment Thematic Group

Integrates environmental sustainability into projects, country strategies, and sectors assessments; promotes eco-friendly design of infrastructure and scaling up of investments in natural capital, and ecosystem-based climate adaptation, supports initiatives to strengthen environmental management in DMCs and promote green businesses and address regional environmental concerns.

Offers courses on environmental sustainability, focusing on promoting sustainable infrastructure, investing in natural capital, strengthening environmental governance and management capacity, and responding to climate change.

Contact: Marie Antoinette Virtucio, Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
Mil Mill Paper Cycle – a Circular Business Model for Low Value Waste Mixed Papers (Circular Economy Webinar Series Session 10) 08 Dec 2022
Koinpack’s Reuse Revolution to Radically Prevent Plastic Pollution in Indonesia (ADB Circular Economy Webinar Series, Session 09) 24 Nov 2022
Omni Processor Project: Revolutionizing Municipal Solid Waste and Liquid Sludge Management in Bangladesh (ADB Circular Economy Webinar Series, Session 08) 17 Nov 2022
ADB’s Roadmap for Circular Economy Zero Waste Cities in the People’s Republic of China (Circular Economy Webinar Series Session 07) 10 Nov 2022
Measuring and Mitigating Methane Emissions from Agriculture, Municipal Solid Waste, and Wastewater (ADB CE Webinar Series, Session 06) 20 Oct 2022
Eliminating the Idea of Waste with the TerraCycle Global Foundation (ADB CE Webinar Series, Session 05) 22 Sep 2022
Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for Climate Disaster Risk Management 15 - 21 Sep 2022
Nature and Climate Nexus Webinar Series: Promoting Nature-based Solutions for Sustainable Infrastructures in Asia and the Pacific 15 Sep 2022 - 08 Dec 2022
2022 Resilience Learning Month 15 - 23 Sep 2022
Asia Clean Blue Skies Program 07 Sep 2022
A pre-launch for the Circular Plastics Economy eLearning Course (ADB CE Webinar Series, Session 04) 25 Aug 2022
THE GREEN ROAD: Integrated Waste Management and Circular Economy in Bhutan (ADB CE Webinar Series, Session 03) 11 Aug 2022
Bioengineering Nature-based Solutions for Linear Infrastructure Slope Stabilization and Protection 01 - 04 Aug 2022
Case Studies on Circular Economy Biz Model: Mechanisms, Opportunities and Challenges (ADB CE Webinar Series, Session 02) 26 Jul 2022
Applying Science and Technology for Clean Air and Climate Co-benefits 30 Jun 2022