Environment Thematic Group

Integrates environmental sustainability into projects, country strategies, and sectors assessments; promotes eco-friendly design of infrastructure and scaling up of investments in natural capital, and ecosystem-based climate adaptation, supports initiatives to strengthen environmental management in DMCs and promote green businesses and address regional environmental concerns.

Offers courses on environmental sustainability, focusing on promoting sustainable infrastructure, investing in natural capital, strengthening environmental governance and management capacity, and responding to climate change.

Contact: Marie Antoinette Virtucio, Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
Data Room: Regional Flyway Initiative 01 Oct 2020 - 02 Feb 2024
Core Labor Standards and their Implementation in Development Projects 12 Apr 2018
Closing Workshop on Marine Aquaculture, Reefs, Renewable Energy, and Ecotourism for Ecosystem Services (MARES) 20 Nov 2023
Closing the Loop on Food Waste with Insect Bioconversion (Circular Economy Webinar Series Session 19) 28 Sep 2023
Circular Solutions to Address Plastic Pollution in the Maritime Industry (Circular Economy Webinar Series Session 14) 20 Apr 2023
Circular Economy Government and Stakeholder Engagement - Some Practical Wins and Losses (Circular Economy Webinar Series Session 23) 24 Jan 2024
Case Studies on Circular Economy Biz Model: Mechanisms, Opportunities and Challenges (ADB CE Webinar Series, Session 02) 26 Jul 2022
Cambodia: Wetland Ecosystem Services Workshop 13 - 14 Sep 2023
Building Capacity for Conserving and Managing Natural Capital during the Planning and Implementation of Transportation Projects in South Asia 15 - 19 Jul 2019
Blue Finance Training: Designing and Financing Bankable Projects in Transitioning to a Blue Economy 09 - 13 Nov 2020
Bioplastics in Thailand: Perceptions versus Reality and Future Directions for Southeast Asia (Circular Economy Webinar Series Session 22) 17 Jan 2024
Bioengineering Nature-based Solutions for Linear Infrastructure Slope Stabilization and Protection 01 - 04 Aug 2022
Biochar as a Circular Solution for Sustainable Agriculture and Poverty Reduction (ADB CE Webinar Series, Session 01) 07 Jun 2022
Banking on Waste: Unlocking Finance to Address Plastic Pollution 17 Oct 2023
Bangkok Plastics Week 09 - 12 Oct 2023