Energy Sector Group

Shares the knowledge, practices, and technologies in improving Asia’s energy sector, while addressing connected concerns such as hydropower generation, clean development mechanisms, climate change, and water and food security.

Offers courses on power generation using clean and renewable energy sources.

Contact: Energy Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
Regional Cooperation and Integration (RCI) for Cross-Border Energy Markets 21 Jun 2019
Achieving Universal Energy Access in the Asia Pacific Region 21 Jun 2019
Asia Wakes Up to CCUS 21 Jun 2019
Utility-Scale Renewables: Challenges in Developing Solar and Wind Energy Projects 21 Jun 2019
Scaling up Clean Energy in Southeast Asia: From Concept to Reality 20 Jun 2019
Grid Integration and System Flexibility: Status and Emerging Trends in Asia 19 Jun 2019
Urban Microgrids 19 Jun 2019
Integrated Solutions for Livable Cities in Asia Pacific: Multi-Energy Systems and Sustainable Buildings 19 Jun 2019
Community Energy Systems: Realizing the Potential of People’s Partnership in Achieving Energy Access 19 Jun 2019
Women Power—Smarter, Inclusive Energy Solutions 19 Jun 2019
The Food-Water-Energy Nexus: Transforming Science for Sustainable Societies 19 Jun 2019
Integrative Design for Radical Energy Efficiency 19 Jun 2019
The Ocean Economy 18 Jun 2019
The Subsidy Swap in Asia: Reforming Fossil Fuel and Electricity Subsidies to Drive a Renewable Revolution 17 Jun 2019
Scaling Up Energy Efficiency with Simplified M&V Meters and ESCO Business Models 17 Jun 2019